Common eye diseases and their management

Childhood Eye Diseases and Conditions
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But a healthy diet should be a priority for all of us. Jain, "even in younger patients. Routine visits allow your eye care professional to look for signs of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other vision disorders. This early detection just may save your sight! We all know how important it is to eat right, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.

Routine medical visits can help doctors diagnose and treat serious medical conditions.

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This condition occurs when blood vessels in the retina become swollen or leak when blood sugar levels are too high. Monitoring your blood sugar and blood pressure levels can help prevent retinopathy. In some cases, surgery is needed to help correct vision once cataracts have developed. Other symptoms include eye pain and redness, seeing halos around bright lights, and tunnel vision. While lost eyesight cannot be restored as of today, preventive measures can protect what's left of the remaining vision.

There are two types of macular degeneration—dry and wet. Dry is the most common form, accounting for about 90 percent of all cases.

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Pages People having a family history of acute astigmatism are highly susceptible to this eye problem. Glaucoma is an eye disease resulting in increased pressure inside the eye. Your eye doctor is trained to detect and monitor cataracts early during comprehensive eye examinations Common symptoms include: Blurred vision Colors seem faded Increased glare Decreased night vision Preventing early cataracts: Annual Comprehensive Eye Exams Protect your eyes from the sun with sunglasses Do not smoke Keep blood sugar well controlled Avoid long-term use of steroid medication Practice a nutritous diet. Rarely, the density and frequency of floaters gets to the point that they start significantly affecting your vision, thus needing vitrectomy. The Human Eye. The cataract blocks light, making it difficult to see, and can get worse over time.

The Bottom Line All the conditions listed above share a common characteristic—no early warning signs. Getting an annual eye exam can help detect health conditions before they progress and help preserve your vision. Occasionally, we can get away with ignoring problems spilled food on the floor?

Management of Ocular Diseases

A stye is a tender, pimple-like bump that forms along the edge of the eyelid. Red, itchy, and watery eyes could be signs of conjunctivitis—also called pink eye. Allergies, dry eyes, and exposure to chemicals or smoke can also cause this inflammation. Like sties and conjunctivitis, blepharitis is a bacteria-based condition. Lipton recommends reducing your risk by following a few simple rules:. There are warning signs to watch for, along with life-long practices to help maintain the health of your eyes, at any age.

As a baby and toddler, watch for warning signs of vision problems, like excessive tearing, constant eye turning, extreme sensitivity to light, disinterest in objects around them, and squinting. Visual strain and eye injuries are two main culprits for vision problems during this stage of life.

Common Eye Diseases and Their Management

AMD has also been linked to obesity, high blood pressure, and hereditary. According to the National Eye Institute, AMD affects 2 million people and is a leading cause of vision loss in the US, and aging is the biggest culprit. If you experience any health changes, such as a hypertension or a diabetes diagnosis, be sure to visit your eye doctor for a comprehensive exam. Drink the recommended amount of water each day. Aim to get at least 6 hours of sleep each night.

Eat eye-healthy foods and take eye vitamins. Be sure you visit with them yearly to have your eyes examined and your prescriptions updated as needed. No matter what age you are, there are several things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and help deter eye disease. Subscribe to our award-winning e-newsletter to get the latest in eye health, eyewear, and exclusive savings.

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Common Eye Diseases & their Management

Common Diseases of the Conjunctiva and Cornea. The Red Eye. Failing Vision. Contact Lenses.

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Retinal Detachment. Tumours of the Eye and Adnexae. Ocular Trauma. Testing Visual Acuity. The Inflamed Eye. The Ageing Eye. Systemic Disease and the Eye. Genetics and the Eye. Drugs and the Eye.

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There have been significant advances in the diagnosis and management of eye disease since the last edition of Common Eye Diseases and their Management. Cataracts · Cornea and External Disease · Epidemiology · Glaucoma · International/Preventative · Neuro-Ophthalmology · Oculoplastics · Pediatrics · Refractive.

Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction There have been significant advances in the diagnosis and management of eye disease since the last edition of Common Eye Diseases and their Management was published. Common Eye Diseases Ophthalmolgy anatomy care eye genetics management nursing optometry physiology retina screening tumor.