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vclean.life/exposed.php First, tell us about yourself as a writer. Well my grand revelation was more of a slow seeping…I came of age in the library.

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We were a military family, we moved every few years, so my connections with others were always fleeting. No internet. No American television. Long distance calls were expensive and rare. The library became my connection to the States, and then eventually to the world. At nine years old I wrote a screenplay called Superman: The Musical. So my work has never fallen neatly into categories. This used to be extremely frustrating—I spent many years and several practice novels trying to make it behave.

Finally in grad school a professor suggested I get a bit more ragged around the edges.

What Can Flash Fiction Do For Novel Writers?

I guess I just needed permission. But I think that can be said for genre as well—Flash is roughing them all up, calling them out.

So for me the word flash means freedom—a true surrender into art. What inspired the flash novel? Suzi was the first novel where I gave myself permission to stop writing a novel. You mean novella? A lot of stories would be smothered in 60, words. But novelists continue writing novels with parameters set by big publishing, which is really the antithesis of the creative process.

The story takes as long as the story takes. So does that mean that flash novels are novellas with a makeover? Shakespeare knew it, Orwell knew it: thought follows language. We create a word, we create a possibility.

We write things into being. The flash novel is becoming, right now. About two years ago I decided to do a staged reading still unfinished then with composer Nick Busheff and a small cast of opera singers and actors. It is also clear that adding CO to the H 2 boosts the reduction kinetics as compared with the reduction by a single gas H 2 or CO. Increasing CO partial pressure from 0. The measurement of the kinetics of the flash reduction is continuing in order to determine the rate equation for the reduction of magnetite and hematite concentrate with mixtures of CO and H 2 to be used in designing a flash reactor that will run on natural gas.

The pyrophoricity of direct reduced iron when it comes into contact with air is of concern during storage or transportation. The rate data were analyzed based on the nucleation-and-growth model, which resulted a pressure dependence of first order with respect to oxygen and an activation energy of Most importantly, it was concluded that flash-reduced iron is much less vulnerable to oxidation than conventional direct reduced iron particles. This is because the flash ironmaking process uses higher reduction temperatures, leading to a lower specific surface area of the product iron.

This can be clearly seen from the micrographs presented in Fig.

Mitochondrial flash as a novel biomarker of mitochondrial respiration in the heart.

In slag, silicate anions are composed of silicon cations surrounded by four oxygen anions forming tetrahedral units. These tetrahedra are joined together in chains or rings by bridging oxygen BO , as shown in Fig. A Si polyanion may have more than one isomer with different Q values, as will be shown subsequently. Mohassab and Sohn [ 7 , 43 , 44 , 45 , 46 , 54 , 55 ] have applied a number of analytical techniques to determine the structures and properties of the slags formed under the conditions of flash ironmaking.

Several features of such instrumental analysis have direct correlations with important properties of slag such as its affinity to impurities. These techniques were applied to slags of interest for the Flash Ironmaking Technology FIT , especially in terms of the effects of water vapor expected to be present in high contents in the new process [ 6 , 55 , 56 , 57 , 58 ]. This suggests that water affects the slag more significantly than CO 2 when they coexist in the gas mixture [ 6 , 57 ]. Water vapor was found to be advantageous for lowering FeO in slag [ 46 ], and manganese [ 44 ].

Moreover they found that water vapor in the atmosphere of the new process would keep lining wear low based on the low MgO solubility in slag under its expected operating conditions [ 45 ]. The research on slag also found that water vapor decreased sulfur [ 43 ] and phosphorus [ 45 ] in produced molten iron.

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The main difference between the two is in the number of reactors; the reduction of magnetite to iron [reactions 6 and 7 ] takes place in one reactor in the 1-step process, and it takes place in two reactors in the 2-step process. In case of hydrogen, the two steps are: Open image in new window. The compositions of iron ore concentrate and flux including major gangue components are given in Fig. The composition of the slag after reduction reaction is also shown in Fig.

The slag basicity was set to be 1. Detailed flow sheets can be found elsewhere [ 2 , 4 , 59 , 60 , 62 ]. Major results are summarized in Figs. The values of CO 2 emissions for the hydrogen-based flash ironmaking processes assume only those from limestone calcination and none from the ironmaking step. It is recognized that hydrogen production may involve CO 2 generation, but since there are many possible methods of its production with varying degrees of CO 2 emissions, including the reforming of natural gas or biomass or the electrolysis of water using nuclear or solar energy, the carbon footprint of hydrogen production was not considered in this analysis.

Choi ME, Sohn HY Development of green suspension ironmaking technology based on hydrogen reduction of iron oxide concentrate: rate measurements. Pinegar H, Moats M, Sohn HY Flowsheet development, process simulation and economic feasibility analysis for novel suspension ironmaking technology based on natural gas: part 1-Flowsheet and simulation for ironmaking with reformerless natural gas. Sohn HY Suspension ironmaking technology with greatly reduced energy requirement and CO 2 emissions. Steel Times Int 31 4 —72 Google Scholar. Cheeley R Gasification and the midrex direct reduction process.

Acero LatinoAm —58 Google Scholar.

A Novel Flash Ironmaking Process

In: Publ. Macauley D Options increase for non-BF ironmaking. Steel Times Int 21 1 Google Scholar. Edstrom JO The mechanism of reduction of iron oxides. Wang H, Sohn HY Hydrogen reduction kinetics of magnetite concentrate particles relevant to a novel flash ironmaking process.

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In: Kongoli F, Reddy RG eds Sohn international symposium advanced processing of metals and materials, vol 2—thermo and physicochemical principles: iron and steel making. Avrami M Kinetics of phase change. I General theory. Transformation-time relations for random distribution of nuclei. Avrami M Granulation, phase change, and microstructure kinetics of phase change.

Yuan Z, Sohn HY Re-oxidation kinetics of flash reduced iron particles in O 2 —N 2 gas mixtures relevant to a novel flash ironmaking process. Yuan Z Re-oxidation kinetics of flash-reduced iron particles relevant to a novel flash ironmaking process.

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Mysen BO Interaction between water and melt in the system calcium aluminate—silica—water. Brandberg J, Sichen D Water vapor solubility in ladle-refining slags. In: Yurko J et al.

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Mohassab Y, Sohn HY Effect of water vapor on sulfur distribution between liquid Fe and MgO-saturated slag relevant to a flash ironmaking technology. Stevels JM Networks in glasses and other polymers. Glass Ind — Google Scholar. Masson C The chemistry of slags—an overview. Mills K Slag atlas. Huggins ML The structure of amorphous materials. Category Description A series of 8 distinct works that demonstrate versatility as a writer and diversity in writing technique and styles.

Graduating Seniors may submit up to two Writing Portfolios, but may not submit the same work in both portfolios. Special Instructions The word count for each piece submitted in a writing portfolio should adhere to the length limits listed in each individual category.