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Disable Cookies per browser: Since each person has different requirements, skill-sets, and ultimate expectations, to say one camcorder is objectively better than all others regardless of situation would be missing the point although if that were possible, this article would be shorter. The memory card holds your camcorder's data and can transfer the information onto your computer [source: Microsoft ]. Here's a moderately priced, on-camera mic that is a favorite of mine: The VP83 LensHopper Shotgun Microphone from Shure is a compact camera-mount condenser that provides detailed, high-definition audio with DSLR cameras and camcorders. Determining your priorities will help you get a camera that is right for you. It does, however, have a backward-facing camera for filming yourself as you record the action.

This increases the amount of video you can record onto each memory card, and you can use the H. For those with legacy projects, or who need H. Of course, if you are working on narratives or other projects that are going to require a color-correction session, that is when encoding using PQ Perceptual Quantization is a better choice, because it gives you more flexibility during your color-correction sessions.

The XF Camcorder features two SD card slots, as you would expect, and can record using "relay recording" or simultaneously records to two cards at the same time, even when shooting 4K.

The camcorder supports 4K capture up to 60 fps, or Full HD at fps. Progressed to the Canon XL1 mini dv camera and also a smaller standard panasonic mini dv camcorder.

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The world of video camcorders has been an amazing journey. Before that I started on standard 8mm film movie cameras. My whole photographic journey has been one of wonder and amazement. I still like to use some of my old gear.

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Thanks for the article. I shot with a Panasonic camera and portable VHS recorder in the 80's.

The quality of the early camcorders was awful. My first VCR was a Betamax. Great quality.

The best camcorders in 12222: which is the right one for you?

Back then I didn't know the backstory as to why VHS was taking off. I couldn't understand why everyone was settling on such an inferior format.

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