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You do not need to have any previous experience with jQuery, although basic JavaScript programming knowledge is necessary. You should know the basics of JavaScript, including variables, functions, and selecting DOM elements.

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This course will require a computer system for the instructor and one for each student. The minimum hardware requirements are as follows:.

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There are a couple of extended examples that are used across the different chapters. Both are developed from simple starts and then extended, refactored and improved along the way. This successive refinement and extension of the code allows for newly learned skills and techniques to be applied to enhance code that has previously been entered.

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It's a good technique in that it allows Franklin to talk about best practices and to put to good use the material he is introducing. It means, for example, that by the close of the book there's a very usable slider control in the form of a jQuery plug-in.

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If there are criticisms of the book they're fairly minor. A chapter on how to use jQuery with PHP or common web platform such as Joomla or WordPress would have been a useful end-point of the book. There's a degree of repetition in that blocks of code are repeated in various places as the extended examples are developed and some people might find this excessive, on the other hand summarising the code at various points is also a benefit when you want to go back and check things.

So, overall, this is a really solid introduction to jQuery for those who are relatively new to JavaScript and jQuery.