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http://kagoshima-23762.herokussl.com.licitamos.cl/acheter-hydroxychloroquine-400mg-livraison.php Oct 06, Beanbag Love rated it liked it. I did not enjoy this book as much as I liked "Shades of Midnight". I had been looking forward to this one, too, so I'm very disappointed. First I found it difficult to like Jenna. Granted she'd been through a horrible trauma and was still nursing four-year-old wounds, but then maybe the book should have started later when she was a little less freaked. She was downright unlikable for the first half of the book. Brock is a character I was looking forward to getting to know better. But he seemed odd I did not enjoy this book as much as I liked "Shades of Midnight".

But he seemed oddly two-dimensional. He had rage and regret. I didn't get any sense of his chemistry with Jenna. I had to accept it because the author said it was there, but I wasn't feeling it from their interactions.

Review: Taken by Midnight (Midnight Breed, #8) by Lara Adrian – The Escapist Book Blog

Add to that a story line that was more teaser than anything else and it just felt unfinished and unsatisfying. Sure, one huge plot point was settled, but, frankly, I didn't see why it was still hanging in the first place. I can understand one aspect still being out there, but the rest, what was the point? I found this story to be tepid and it felt incomplete. Especially after the last installment that I loved so much and that felt like a fully realized story. Hunter is next and I hope we have a stronger plot line to his tale. At least he can't be hooking up with Mira a spec that has always given me the willies even if it didn't happen for 20 years since the book starts one week after the end of Taken.

I have found Adrien to be hit or miss. When she's on, like with Shades, she's so on it's fantastic. So I'm hooked if for no other reason than the ones that are good are just that good. This one is very bridge-like, setting up further action down the road. I find that often to be unfair to the lead protagonists, and it's not an easy plot line to make successful. Maybe next time. View all 9 comments.

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Aug 08, Stacie rated it it was amazing Shelves: tpam-br. Loved it! This series gets better and better! Happy reading! Apr 26, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: superpowers-specialpowers , fangywarriorteams , vampires , 1paranormal-lovestories. Breed warrior Brock Special ability: Absorbing the pain and suffering of the others by touching Age: Around years old Breed mate Jenna Special ability: Great physical strength, advanced senses, phychic abilities, speaks Ancient language Occupation: Former state trooper Mark place: None.

She has dermaglyphs which have started to form at the back of her neck. I loved that it is focused mainly in the acti Breed warrior Brock Special ability: Absorbing the pain and suffering of the others by touching Age: Around years old Breed mate Jenna Special ability: Great physical strength, advanced senses, phychic abilities, speaks Ancient language Occupation: Former state trooper Mark place: None. I loved that it is focused mainly in the action and less in the love story between Brock and Jenna.

In this book the woman is actually more interesting that the breedwarrior. Jenna is Alex's friend from Alaska.

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Taken by Midnight book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. AT THE CROSSROADS OF DEATH AND DESIRE, A WOMAN. Book 8 in the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling Midnight Breed vampire romance series. AT THE CROSSROADS OF DEATH AND DESIRE.

She is not a breed mate and she is definetely not very lucky with her life so far and her family. She basically has no family left. Her brother Zack was a crooked Sheriff who got killed, her husband and daughter were killed in a car accident and Jenna cannot have any more children. She was about to kill herself when Ancient appeared and did strange things to her in the previous book. In a storyline which reminded me the one Scully had in X-files, Ancient put an inplant in Jenna's neck. Jenna stayed in coma for a month and when she wakes up, nobody knows what she is exactly.

Brock is the one who helped her to overcome her pain. They fall madly in love - although none of them thought it was a good idea and they form a great team. The book is not lacking in action. There is the storyline about saving the lost breedmates and the storyline about the saving of young Kellan. On top of these, new characters are introduced: Kellan and Lazaro Archer and Corrine.

View 2 comments. Jul 23, Stacia the club rated it it was ok Shelves: adult , paranormal-romance , vampires. First, the good : I loved that the main character was not a breedmate. This was the first time ever that the author strayed from her formula. Now, the bad : We got no explanation for WHY she was made different. We know the HOW, but we never got clued in as to why things transpired the way that they did. The story itself was : About the same as the others - entertaining but formulaic.

I'm fine with that by now, or I wouldn't still be reading. I know what's to be expected and the formul 2. I know what's to be expected and the formula always delivers, so I'm able to enjoy the books for what they are. Sep 25, valee rated it it was amazing Shelves: amazing-pnr-romance. I still can't believe it though,lol. I guess I really got caught up with it. It was amazing.

Much better than the previous book, although not as good as Tegan's, Rio's and Niko's books, but those are just too though to overcome,lol. But after those 3 this is definitely my fav in the series. I never thought would end up loving Brock as much as I did, he was a terrific hero. Loved him! And the heroine, Jenna, was even better.

She was a thought one, ex-p 7 hours was what it took me to read this book. She was a thought one, ex-police and with just in the need for a man like Brock. They were so perfect together. I had this idea that she would become a warrior herself, as strong as the ancient had been.

Review: Taken by Midnight (Midnight Breed, #8) by Lara Adrian

But nop, she just stayed half human, half sth we don't know, with a bit more power that a human but with the ability to live without aging. I don't know, it was a bit lame. I just kept waiting for a big finale but it never arrived. Also I missed the breedmate-warrior connection in this installment.

And the powers the breedmates and the warriors usually have. Brock's power was a bit lame sorry, but it's the truth and Jenna had none at all. But then again, the romance was terrific, and to see Jenna becoming something we still not understand was great too. And what this book had that none of the last ones did was that it was entirely set in the compound, so we get to see a lot of the warriors again, even to know them better.

That was good. I missed this series greatly and this installment did not disappoint. View all 17 comments. Sep 21, Annie Under the Covers Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: pnr , warriors , keep-a-spare-pair-of-knickers , books-i-go-rabid-over , vampires , favorites , read-in , my-hottie-harem , books-i-own , covers-to-covet.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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Their story is both touching and heartbreaking. First off, I just want to say how amazing it is to see a hot black hero up front and center! Brock is the perfect combination of a protector and a supporter. Adrian has always incorporated people of various ethnicities into her novels, from the Breed warriors such as Rio and Kade to the Breedmates like Claire and Savannah.

Kudos to Adrian for making her series so diverse and welcoming! I also love the fact that she features interracial relationships in her books. She adds the perfect amount of romance to each of her novels. Adrian does an amazing job of balancing the action and romance in this series. I found this especially true for Taken by Midnight.

Yet the romance still stands strong amongst all the gritty action. This is a testament to the type of relationship that Brock and Jenna have. It seems like nothing will tear them apart. Another thing I adored about this book is the fact that the Breedmates are able to get in on the action. The women in this series have always been strong and independent, but to see them combine their efforts together and go out on their own and make something happen is just great to see! Although not everything has been answered and set in stone, I found my eyes glued to the pages to figure out what the hell is going on with her!

Think about it: She has the urge to drink blood. She has unnatural super strength and speed. And she can sense Minions which only members of the Breed can do. I am so eager to know what happens next. With the introductions of new characters, I am excited to see if the series continues further with their own books.

I would love to see a book for Lazaro Archer and his remaining heir, Kellan! View all 88 comments. Oct 10, Laurie Garrison rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance. I love how Adrian sticks to the series 8 books and she has never faltered from the romance and basic storyline like most series authors. I guess I like clear closure, than again who knows maybe Adrian will bring Jenna out more in the coming book I love how Adrian sticks to the series 8 books and she has never faltered from the romance and basic storyline like most series authors.

I guess I like clear closure, than again who knows maybe Adrian will bring Jenna out more in the coming books. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. View all 4 comments. It was the safest place for you to be now. The safest place for all of us. Way more of a paranormal fiction story than romance, this couple had no building relationship at all.

This book felt like series filler, not a lot of advancement in Dragos vs The Order. I wanted Hunter and Mira to get together Mira could age super fast or something but I see Hunter is the hero of the next book with a differe "We're in Boston, at a private facility. I wanted Hunter and Mira to get together Mira could age super fast or something but I see Hunter is the hero of the next book with a different heroine. May 30, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: characters-vampire , library-authors , topic-beta-hero , topic-kick-ass-heroine , topic-psychic-abilities , genre-paranormal , pub , topic-ptsd , setting-usa-massachusetts.

Her companion is Brock, who can't seem to leave her side and aids her when she is in pain. Jenna learns that the life around her, the life she knew before is different from anything that she expected. She learns of the truth of vampires, and her brothers recent death and that there are certain changes happening to her body where a substance was inserted into her spine when she was captured. Jenna and Brock's lives intertwine as they delve into a new set of circumstances that bring them together, and they realize the chemistry that they have.

Brock isn't looking for any kind of relationship, and Jenna is still grieving for her husband and daughters death and is not ready for anything with Brock. But heat and desire flare out of control ,and soon Brock and Jenna realize they might not have any control to where their hearts lead them. He is more reserved, battle ready, and one of the most hardened warriors of the order. But there is also a soft spot to Brock and this is the book that we see him clearly. Brock still bears guilt over his past, a past that in his mind, due to his mistakes cost a young woman her life and it has haunted him for years.

But when Brock meets Jenna, his world shifts to her. At first we see how Brock doesn't full realize what is happening between them until his heart has already gotten involved. What I came to admire about Brock, was his devotion to the order and to Jennaa woman he barely knows, but feels a soft connection to. I love the shy quiet types, and Brock fits the bill. But he isn't weak and anything. In fact, I have gotten the impression, over the books I have read so far, that he is one of the most competent men in the order.

What was fun was seeing a deeper side to his character. We see what a solid human being she is and she has suffered quite a bit. Her loved husband and six year old daughter, were killed in a car accident and Jenna still blames herself and still grieves for them, despite how long its been since it happened. Jenna is a strong woman though, and she isn't afraid to fight. She was once a cop, she understands the risks and dangers that there are in the world. Jenna is a kind soul too, but is in a vulnerable state currently.

We also see her courage and passion and there were quite a few facets to her character I enjoyed. What was most intriguing is seeing her reaction to certain truths that become revealed to her. But I really liked her as the heroine overall and it was fun seeing her journey.


I will say that I truly enjoyed this one, not my favorite of the series, but well written and very engaging. This is one of my favorite aspects of Lara Adrian. She can so easily get me involved into a story, and I love that. There are some important events that take place in this book, where we see some questions answered and a certain mystery solved in the end, but there are also questions I had left unanswered. Some I was okay with, because I feel like as I continue with this series, certain events will happen to solve my curiosity. However I was very disappointed to see that we don't know everything of what is happening to Jenna.

We learn some facts, but I was left feeling like I needed more in knowing about her situation. I am crossing my fingers that in the next book or so, we will learn and get the mystery solved regarding her delicate situation. The romance that develops between Brock and Jenna, was quite unqiue and engaging. I loved their romance, because we have two character, still dealing with past hurts and we see how fabulous they are together and how much they learn to rely on each other for strength when one of them is vulnerable.

This is what I truly loved seeing in their relationship. The way they learn to trust and rely on each other through the good and the bad. In love with this wonderful world that Adrian has created for us. Jan 05, Danielle rated it it was amazing. I think ill start off with a big WOW! For strange changes are taking pl I think ill start off with a big WOW! I was in awe throughout the whole story on how both are attracted to each other, but yet somethings being held back. This story was face paced,exciting and lots of romance. The emotions in this book were deep, i cried on a few parts and when I turned to the last page I had to stop myself from screaming no!

The way they held each other up throughout the story was amazing. If you are a fan of the Breed you will enjoy this book to no end. Not only is their tons of adventures with Brock and Jenna ,but the rest of the Breed and their mates. I cant wait to get my hands on the next book in the series, Deeper than Midnight. Oct 31, Jilly rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , vampires , paranormal-romance.

In our last book, Brock was Kade's bestie and a pretty funny guy. He was always cracking jokes and had a lot of charm. Where did all of that go? Yeah, so Brock turned into a boring, angsty fuck in this book.

This midnight breed series photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

Maybe it is because he is falling for Jenna, the best friend of Alex in the last book. Isn't that cute? Best friend girls falling for best friend boys? Think of all of the fun game nights they can have at each other's houses every weekend! These warriors play seriously hard The good n In our last book, Brock was Kade's bestie and a pretty funny guy.

The good news is that Jenna is pretty cool. She is one tough cookie and I like her no-bullshit ways. She survived being bitten by the monster in the last book and is going through some weird changes now.

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Will she become a vampire? There aren't supposed to be any female vampires. Renata is tearing the place up already, so we need another warrior girl. Now, it's on to the next book. Hunter's book. He is an emotionless cold-hearted killer. I'm swooning already! Jun 14, Rachel Annie rated it it was amazing Shelves: ir-romance , paranormal-uf-romance. Maybe they did fall for each other kinda quickly and the ending wrapped itself up rather abruptly, but damn it, I don't care.

Oh, and their first love scene together Yiss, good stuff. Sep 30, Suz rated it it was ok Shelves: pnr , tstl.

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Jenna was a little annoying at first because she kept trying to escape the Order, even though they were healing her and trying to help her, but she recognized her mistake. Midnight Unbound by Lara Adrian. See All Customer Reviews. Book The war against the Ancients resulted in the slaying of all but one, who was secretly hidden for centuries by Dragos.

This review assumes you are familiar with the storyline. I wish I could say I loved this book. I wanted to love it. I waited with baited breath for it. Perhaps that's why I didn't love it. Too much anticipation. Brock's immediate response to the traumatized human created a "hmmmm" situation. Further developments in this book regarding what happened to Jenna while she was with the Ancient created so much potential for This review assumes you are familiar with the storyline. Further developments in this book regarding what happened to Jenna while she was with the Ancient created so much potential for storyline development outside of the inevitable romance.

Unfortunately not much beyond the romance developed. There were one or two interesting events in the long story arc but the question about what was happening to Jenna physiologically due to her time with the Ancient was never answered. It was far and away the most interesting aspect of this book and was treated as an also-ran side mention. I understand this series is a romance series and therefore the romances will be the driving force in the books. But if a romance is repetitive from one chapter to the next and the non-romance aspects of the book, including the long story arcs, are more interesting then for god's sake go with it instead of just repeating the same "issues" and foreplay from one chapter to the next.

I have never found the heroines of these books to be particularly strong or smart. This book wasn't too much of an exception. Typical of this series the heroine must run away in an ill-advised bid to "gain her freedom" while actually just trying to avoid her reality.

You can count on at least one of these scenarios in every book and this blithering idiot of a walking wounded heroine was no exception. For this review I will eschew spoilers and it's not possible to discuss the book that could have been without spoiling. I'm happy to discuss particulars about what I thought should have been the primary plot development in the comments, though. Taken by Midnight had all the ingredients to be a truly great book for this genre. Instead we ended up with a tepid bodice ripper and not much else.

View all 3 comments. I loved Jenna when she is introduced in Shades of Midnight. Now, she has her own book. At the end of the last book, I was dying to read this one. Ended up being bored to death. I also wish her "evolution" was better explained but oh well.

Dec 13, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: pb-i-own , steamy , actiony , romantic , series. Book 8 of the Midnight Breed series, and still going strong! From the first moment he saw her, Brock felt drawn to her, and that intense protective nature is carried over to their story. He barely leaves her side as she is bought to the compound to recover from her ordeal.

Remaining with the Order for further testing and observation, Jenna becomes drawn into the world of the Breed and the mission of the women of the compound to locate and rescue missing Breedmates that are being held by Dragos. All of this, while she and Brock tentatively explore the strong connection between them. I loved the relationship between Brock and Jenna.

Jenna is still suffering from the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter four years ago, so in addition to everything that is currently going on in her life, she is still dealing with their loss. Neither she nor Brock, dealing with a loss of his own in his past, are expecting or prepared to fall for somebody else, and so they try to keep things simple between them, caving into the feelings they have, but without the entanglements of romance. Holy freaking hotness, these two steam it up!!! And through it all, Brock is absolute perfection! Strong and dependable, he is also incredibly gentle and tender with Jenna, and he absolutely stole my heart!!

More of you. And I loved the twist in this story, that for the first time, the heroine is a human, not a Breedmate, so there is the added complication of them contemplating a life together even though Jenna is mortal and they cannot have the bond that the other couples do. My heart broke for Brock as he came to his realisation.

Not because of the fact they would never have offspring together. Not even because of the absence of a blood bond, which would connect them to each other inexorably for as long as both of them lived. She was his mate already, in all the ways that mattered.

In other parts of the action, Drago continues to be an evil bastard - taking hostages, attacking Darkhavens and plotting an almighty strike against our beloved boys. We also see a bit more of the other sides of Chase and Hunter whose stories are yet to come and are introduced to Lazaro and Kellan Archer, as well as Corinne, the heroine for the next book. This was a really exciting addition to the series.

I freaking love these books!!!! View all 6 comments. Jan 05, Mrs. Badass rated it really liked it Shelves: own-but-not-read-yet , septemberrelease. I'm going to start with a star breakdown because the book needs it. Writing Prose: 5 Plot advancement: 4 Romance: 3. I loved both Brock and Jenna as characters. I felt for Jenna being a wife and mother myself, my heart ached for her I never quite got into Brock's self-loathing. It didn't ring true enough for me because his young charg I'm going to start with a star breakdown because the book needs it.

It didn't ring true enough for me because his young charge was well Then she was gone and I can see how his honor would have him still beating himself up for his failure, but not fear of falling in love, but that's me. The action was good, well paced and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the breedmates kicking ass in this installment. Not knowing what is happening with Jenna, no real conclusion to her and Brock's love and whether she will weather the storm are annoying. Corrine was glossed over and I feel like it could have been done a bit longer to torture us readers as to what Brock would do.

Call me a masochist. Life as everybody knows it changes significantly when the Breeds make their vicinity known not world on the loose. The danger of savagery rules as the two species battle to coexist. The main gathering safeguarding the delicate congruity is the Order, a first class unit of Breed warriors committed to ensuring people and vampires alike.

Just formally, dressed authorities with the Joint Urban Security Taskforce Initiative Squad JUSTICE , an administration coordinated police subtle element contained handpicked Breed and human officers were authorized to convey unconcealed arms or utilize fatal power in non-military circumstances. Breed male, mate of Claire Samuels Roth. Conceived more than three hundred years prior in Germany, Andreas Reichen was pioneer of a Berlin Darkhaven. Reichen is smooth and advanced, refined and cool—a definitive charmer. Albeit not formally prepared as a warrior, Reichen has been since a long time ago familiar with Tegan, who helped the German Darkhaven pioneer with the disposal of a band of Rogues who had been going after regular people in his general vicinity in Reichen and Claire had been infatuated around fifty years prior to the course of events of Midnight Awakening, yet the couple was sold out by Wilhelm Roth and they persevered through a long detachment before rejoining in Ashes of Midnight.

Amid his time separated from Claire, Reichen took a human sweetheart, sex club proprietor Helene. The relationship finished in catastrophe while, amid the course of events of Veil of Midnight, Helene was transformed Minion and drove Enforcement Agents into the Darkhaven to butcher all inside.

Reichen happens upon the fallout and needs to murder his human mate in a demonstration of kindness. He then blazes his Darkhaven to the ground with a monstrous fireball, summoned by the force of his ESP capacity.

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In the Kissing Midnight, we get a breed male, Order part, mate of Dylan Alexander, conceived in Spain, at some point in the mid s. They taught him what he was and how to survive. In spite of his deplorable past and a later selling out by his first Breedmate, Eva, that left him horrendously scarred and about annihilated him, Rio stays a standout amongst the most respectable, decent individuals from the Order.

In the wake of seeing a homicide and scarcely getting away with her life, Gabrielle Maxwell provides what any benefit and normal native would do; she calls the police. Upon their entry, they do not discover anything that shows anything brutal happened outside the club. While Gabrielle demands that she is not lying, she cannot resist the opportunity to rather think she may be crazy like her introduction to the world mother.

The main thing that gives her trust that she is flawlessly normal is the photos she tackled her PDA as she was fleeing from the gathering of men who so viciously killed a man directly before her. Lucan Thorne is in a split second pulled in to Gabrielle and very nearly commits an irreversible error when he endeavors to take her blood.

Seeing the imprint that shows Gabrielle is a Breed mate, Lucan realizes that he cannot take her blood, nor would he be able to abandon her to keep carrying on with the life she has. Just modest bunches of human women are checked as being what is indicated and to take her blood would mean mating with her forever.

The pioneer of a first class gathering of warriors, the Breed just attempts to shield people from vampires that have let Bloodlust overcome them and get to be Rogue. When it appears that the Rogues are by one means or another arranging their positions and beginning a war in the human world, Lucan is resolved that Gabrielle would not wind up amidst it. Kiss of Midnight was restless and dim, which I enjoyed, yet again, I am going to need to go there.